Faikah Cornelius (Teacher) 1-2 years oldRoshan Haywood (Assistant) 1-2 years oldShoneez Ganief (Teacher) 2-3 years oldMaria Davids (Teacher) 2-3 years oldMiche` De Bruyn (Assistant) 2-3 years oldSamantha Jacobs (Teacher) 3-4 years oldTammy Greeff (Assistant) 3-4 years oldLouise Mareya (Teacher) 4-5 years oldLyndall September (Assistant) 4-5 years oldOlivia Njeje: CookMolefi Malei: All round Maintenance Man and GardenerGillian Newton - Principal


Early Childhood Development Qualification

Gillian Newton

Pixie Wonderland Principal 

Faikah Cornelius(Teacher) 

1-2 years old: Level 4 in Early Childhood Development

Roshan Haywood (Assistant) 

1-2 years old: 3 years experience in Early Childhood Development 

Shoneez Ganief  (Teacher)

2-3 years old: National Senior Certificate in Educare

Maria Davids (Teacher)

2-3 years old: Level 4 in Early Childhood Development

Miche` De Bruyn (Assistant) 

2-3 years old: Level 4 in Early Childhood Development

Samantha Jacobs (Teacher)

3-4 years old: Level 4 in Early Childhood Development 

Tammy Greeff (Assistant) 

3-4 years old: Level 5 in Early Childhood Development 

Louise Mareya (Teacher)

4-5 years old: Pre-Primary Diploma

Lyndall September  (Assistant) 

4-5 years old: Level 5 in Early Childhood Development


Little Lambs

Faikah Preston - at Pixie since 2015

Faikah heads up the nursery. She is loving, caring and has a passion for the little ones in her care. She sets parents minds at ease with her calm approach. She helps the little ones to achieve their age appropriate milestones. 

Roshan Haywood - at Pixie since 2017

Roshan has a ver warm and happy personality. She assists Faikah in caring for the little ones and making sure that they have a happy day and reach their potential.

Busy Butterflies

Maria Davids - at Pixie since 1989

Maria is the teacher who heads the Busy Butterfly class. She warmly welcomes the children in the morning. She is quiet and has a calming and caring manner when handling the children in her care. 

Shoneez Ganief - at Pixie since 2004

Shoneez is the nucleus around which this class thrives. She is soft natured and loving. Shoneez enjoys assisting the Busy Butterflies to achieve their goals.

Miche De Bruyn - at Pixie since 2018

Miche is kind hearted and caring. She has a passion for early childhood development.

Clever Caterpillars

Samantha Jacobs - at Pixie since 2005

Samantha is very meticulous and has a soft nature. She sets firm boundaries and is caring. She loves the children in her care and they have fun as they learn.

Tammy Greeff - at Pixie since 2017

Tammy is an artistic young lady who has a passion for the children in her care. She very ably assists Samantha in keeping the children happy while learning.

Bouncing Bunnies

Louise Mareya - at Pixie since 2009

Louise is a kind hearted and caring teacher. She loves her learners. She sets new challenges for herself and the children in her care. 

Lyndall September - at Pixie since 2016

Lyndall is amazing with the children. She strives to do her best when working with them. She loves singing with the children and telling them stories.

Non Teaching Staff

Olivia Njeje - at Pixie since 2006 

Olivia prepares the warm and delicious meals for our children.