1. We open at 07:00 in the morning and close at 5:30 sharp in the evening. Children are not to be dropped off before 07:00 nor collected after 17:30. An overtime levy of R100 will be charged irrespective of how late you collect your child after 17:30. Please make sure you have arrangements in place to have your child collected before closing time.

All half day children must be collected no later than 14:15 – please adhere to this policy. A casual afternoon fee will be implemented for late collections

  1. Breakfast is served between 07:30 and 08:00. Children arriving after 8am will not be allowed in the kitchen for breakfast.
  2. Please ensure that you drop off your child at the correct time in the morning. The morning ring begins at these times and it is disruptive for the teacher and the class to accept children after this time.
  3. School Holidays

Pixie Wonderland is open all year round except for public holidays and on bridging school holidays (prescribed by the WCED) which fall between a public holiday and a weekend. The school will close for a period of four weeks during December.



  1. Each class has their own teacher or assistant with them in the afternoons. On occasions when staff are ill or on leave it is possible that a different assistant will have been with your child but this is an exception rather than the rule. T
  2. No children are allowed off the property without your specific permission. Please inform the class teacher or assistant if someone else will be taking home your child other than yourself. Children are accounted for in the mornings when their teachers take register. In cases where we do not know the person collecting your child, you will be contacted to confirm that the person collecting your child is able to do so.


  1. Please ensure that up-to-date contact details are kept for you in the office. Please liaise with your class teacher on a daily basis regarding the progress of your child.
  2. Your child will get an end of year report and you will have the opportunity to have mid-year meetings with your teachers to discuss your child’s day at school.



Please do not send sweets, cakes, chips, sweet biscuits and bubble gum to school in your child’s snack box.  The school provides sandwiches in the morning and afternoon as well as hot lunch. Please supply a packed snack, fruit and juice/water for the morning.  



  1. A core value at Pixie Wonderland is tolerance of multiple cultures, creeds and backgrounds. While a diversity of faiths is respected, prayers are said before meals, sometimes bible stories are read in class and most years we do a Nativity Play. Please inform us if you are unable to participate in any of these activities and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.



If your child is ill please keep him or her at home. We ask that you keep your child at home for the first TWO days of being on antibiotics, INCLUDING in cases of – diarrhea, temperature, green runny nose, ringworm, chest or ear infection, ‘pink eye’, nits/lice and any other illness that is contagious or would require one-on-one care which we cannot provide in a group setting. If any of these situations arise while your child is at school we will call you to collect your child.

  1. We will only administer medications that MUST be administered at midday ie for chronic medications like those for asthma. Please don’t leave Panado/Calpol/Ponstel/Rinex etc. at school. We keep Panado in the office to administer should your child fall ill at school with a high temperature and you are not able to collect him/her immediately and you have signed a consent form which will be filed in the office.  
  2. If your child falls ill at school or sustains an injury that requires urgent medical attention, we will make every effort to contact you or the person you have designated as a contact in case of an emergency. Please make sure we have all up-to-date contact details for your child. If, however, we are unable to reach you, we will arrange to transport your child to the nearest medical facility, which transport and medical attention shall be for your account.



  1. STATIONERY- There is a once off payment of R375. Please settle this via cash at the beginning of the year.
  2. The front gate is on an entry code access system. Please respect the access times.  
  3. Birthdays – please donate to the class library, an age appropriate book of your choosing on your child’s birthday.
  4. Please provide your child with a bag each day. In the bag should be a complete change of clothes clearly marked, plus an extra pair of pants/panties, and a plastic bag for dirty/wet clothes.
  5. Please bring a marked art bag –in which your child can take home art work.
  6. No toys are to be brought to school under any circumstances – no jewelry especially necklaces.
  7. Please send your child to school in comfortable ‘play clothes’ as they will probably get dirty.
  8. Please clearly mark all clothing, shoes, bottles.
  9. When it is your child’s birthday, feel free to bring in a cup cake or popcorn for each child – this is entirely optional.  It is also the policy at Wonderland that each child may invite whoever they choose to birthday parties-it is not necessary to invite the whole class if you don’t want to.
  10. During summer, please put sun cream on your child before they come to school, and ensure that there is a marked hat at school for outside playtime
  11. Each Friday is Baker Day. Please sign up on the list in the classroom to bring in some treats (at least 20 servings) on behalf of your child. You may bring whatever your like; you don’t have to bake it yourself! Biscuits, muffins or cupcakes are all suitable examples.
  12. Pixie Wonderland is located in a residential area and we need to be considerate of our neighbours (and each other!). Please only park on the school side of the road, don't open your car doors directly on to the street (your children should not be exiting on to the street), park in a way that the maximum number of people can park as near to the school as possible, try to be quick and above all - be polite! Please adhere to the sidewalk markings and enter the drop off area from the Main road side and exit on the mountain side.

If you are planning to spend some time in the school grounds please do not park in front of the school but pull off onto the kerb, either before the school or above the school. Please always close both gates securely both on entering and exiting the school property for your own child’s safety. It is very important that you do not leave any valuables in your car.



  1. The following private extra-murals are also available during school time and held on the school premises. Monkeynastics takes children turning 3. All other extra murals offered only take children the year they turn 4 and 5. ie Ballet, Speech & Drama, Soccor Starz .  All payments for private extra-murals are made directly to the individuals concerned into locked boxes outside the office door at Pixie Wonderland.